SRS Green technologies provides quality assurance to their customer, partners and vendors through automated process and very less manual work.
Our Senior team implements the principal of six Sigma: Define Measures, Analyse, Improve and Control ​

Inbound Call Centre Services

Customer Care

Call Centre Support

Sales And Customer Acquisition

Chat And Email Services

Collection Process And NPA Management

Our Services To Customers

Structured cabling, Microtik Firewall System, 100 MBPS network, 12 MBPS High speed bandwidth, Switches setup, Cat 5 caballing, Microtik Security system
CRM for Call Centre, X lite for connect with Dialer, Windows
The entry of all is restricted by figure print software as per HIPAA privacy requirement. Limited access to the network through login ID and password. CD, DVD, pen drive, disk, drive or any other storage device are not allowed in the individual PC, without prior permission from the management team.
Data Policy
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